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33 years - Dumitru Prunariu - Romanian cosmonaut.
He was selected for spaceflight training in 1978 as a part of the Intercosmos Program. Obtaining the maximum marks during three years of preparation he was selected for a joint space flight with the Russian cosmonaut Leonid Popov. In May 1981 they completed an eight-day space mission on board Soyuz 40 and the Salyut 6 space laboratory where they completed scientific experiments in the fields of astrophysics, space radiation, space technology, space medicine and biology. Prunariu became the 103rd human being to fly into the Outer Space.
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Via The European Natural Trust

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Child from Brașov, Romania.
Via Vlad Dumitrescu
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Via Vlad Dumitrescu.
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Rural Romania.
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Rumania - a video created in 1964, found on British Pathe.


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Bucharest at night

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Ruins of Sarmisegetuza - Romania
By Ioan Balasanu on 500px
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Simona Halep - Romanian tennis player.
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